lunedì 26 luglio 2010

My wishlist.

Oggi me ne sono successe di tutti i colori, quindi, invece di scrivere il post che avevo in programma, per consolarmi un po' vi propongo la mia wishlist :)

Good evening!
Today I've succeeded in all colors, so instead of writing the post I had planned, to comfort me a bit I propose you my wishlist :)

Neverfull-Louis Vuitton


Chanel n5

Chanel 2.55

Appartamento in Piazza Petrarca-Flat in Piazza Petrarca

Vacanza a Capri, con *lui*-Holiday in Capri, with *him*

Collana Tiffany&Co-Necklace by Tiffany&Co

RayBan Wayfarer

Ypsilon Elle


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5 commenti:

Flash! ha detto...

why are chanel bags always so absolutely gorgeous??

Peekaboo ha detto...

anche io voglio tanto la new ypsilon elle...!!

Blackcowboy ha detto...

This is all and you would be happy for the rest of your life?? Come on there must be more!!

MartaL. ha detto...

@Blackcowboy: No, no..these are the "material" things that now I want..But there are many others thing like my boyfriend for the rest of my life, a job that I could love forever, many trips around the world and so on.. :)

Miss DeltaG ha detto...

che dire...sottoscrivo la wishlist!!:)


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